Tony Blair sent texts to Rebekah Brooks signed off with ‘T x’

Rebekah Brooks
Rebekah Brooks

TONY Blair sent a series of text messages to Rebekah Brooks signed with a “T” and a kiss, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

The ex-PM offered support to the beleaguered News International chief executive as she was engulfed by the phone-hacking scandal.

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He told Brooks he was “no use at police stuff” but could help her if she was summoned to Parliament.

The former premier, who was a barrister before becoming an MP, also asked when police planned to interview her and urged her to get a “quality QC”.

Brooks said she was terrified of police who were “behaving so badly”, the court heard.

The series of messages were presented to the jury as Brooks spent a 13th day in the witness box.

On the day of the last edition of the News of the World in July 2011, Mr Blair texted Brooks to arrange a telephone conference.

He wrote: “Hi it’s Tony, I’ve just landed. Is it too late to speak or should we stick with tomorrow.”

Brooks replied 12 minutes later saying: “Let’s stick to tomorrow. Can’t wait xx.”

The following morning Mr Blair texted: “What’s the best number for you? I’m ready to speak.”

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He later wrote: “Call my hotel landline. Ask for room 610.”

In another message, the former Prime Minister wrote: “I’m in the Mid East. Call me when you can. T x”

Brooks, 45, the former editor of both The Sun and News Of The World, resigned as boss of Rupert Murdoch’s News International on July 15, 2011.

Mr Blair told her: “I’m really sorry about it all. Call me if you need to. T x.”

The following day, he told her: “If you’re still going to Parliament you should call me. I have experience of these things! T x”

Mr Blair assured her that her lawyer, Stephen Parkinson, of Kingsley Napley, was “excellent”.

She replied: “Great news. Feeling properly terrified. Police are behaving so badly.”

In another exchange, Mr Blair advised Brooks “Everyone panics in these situations and they will feel they have their reputation to recover.

“Assume you have quality QC advice? When’s the interview?”

Mr Blair also texted: “I’m no use on police stuff but call me after that because I may be some help on Commons.”

Earlier, the jury heard how New Labour grandee Lord Mandelson was lined up to coach her prior to a grilling by MPs at the height of the scandal.

Brooks is on trial with six others including ……READ MORE ON Express

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