Scot’s remarks scheme to derail the constitution making process- CSCC

Judith Mulenga
Judith Mulenga
Civil Society Constitution Coalition has charged that vice president Guy Scott’s remarks on the referendum is a scheme to derail the whole constitution making process.

Civil Society Constitution Coalition Spokesperson Judith Mulenga has told QFM News in an interview that Dr. Scott is not being fair to the Zambians by stating that holding a referendum on the constitution will be more costly for government.

Mrs. Mulenga says the civil society understands very well that the government has other priorities that but that these should not be at the expense of holding a referendum on the constitution.

Mrs. Mulenga has also wondered how government will ensure that the expanded bill of rights is enshrined in the constitution without a referendum.

She adds that government should realize that a referendum is worth holding for any democratic country regardless of its financial implications status.

Mrs Mulenga says it is in this regard that civil society organizations will continue to call for the holding of a referendum regardless of government’s position.