Man jailed for assaulting sister

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A VILLAGER who beat up his sister in a fit of anger over missing vegetables in his garden has been sentenced to six months imprisonment for assault by a Kasama magistrate’s court.
Gibson Chashi, 32, of Munkonge Village, who pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm, beat up his sister after her children plucked vegetables from his garden without permission.
Particulars of the case presided by Magistrate Kelvin Soma are that on February 23, Chashi’s sister, Estella Chola sent her children to get some vegetables from her brother’s garden.
When Chashi returned from where he had gone and found some leaves from his plants missing, he sought to know whoever had been there.
Upon discovering that it was his sister’s children, Chasi descended on Estella and told her that she had failed to instill discipline in her children.
Mr Soma said he was disappointed with Chashi’s behaviour and sent him to jail for six months with hard labour.
“Cases of gender-based violence are very rampant in Kasama’ there is need to mete out serious punishment to deter would-be offenders,” he said.
Mr Soma said it was unfortunate that Chashi had taken advantage of his sister’s weaker position as a female to abuse her.

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