6 arrested over Jerabo’s death

Copperbelt police chief Joyce Kasosa
Copperbelt police chief Joyce Kasosa

POLICE in Kitwe have picked up six people in connection with the brutal killing of a man linked to the infamous ‘Jerabos’ group in a fight during a drinking spree last Saturday.
A man identified as Lazarous Sikanyika of Chamboli Township was savagely killed around 23:00 hours in Wusakile Township in a fierce fight that involved breaking of bottles which were used to stab the deceased to death.
Copperbelt police chief Joyce Kasosa said six people had been picked up in the ongoing investigations into the murder of Mr Sikanyika, which happened at Kampamba Bottle Store.
Ms Kasosa, who could not name the suspects, said they were apprehended on Monday and were currently being held to help with investigations.
She said among the six suspects was a girlfriend of the deceased.
“Investigations are still ongoing and one of the suspects is yet to be picked up,” she said.
Ms Kasosa said the deceased was found in a pool of blood with three deep cuts on the neck, left arm and face.
Mr Sikanyika was drinking with his colleagues when he picked up a quarrel over a girlfriend. The quarrel later degenerated into a fierce fight.
And Ms Kasosa said an unidentified pedestrian died after being run over by a motor vehicle in a hit-and-run incident along Independence Avenue in Kitwe yesterday.

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