Chief Chikanta calls for dialogue on constitution

CHIEF Chikanta of Kalomo
CHIEF Chikanta of Kalomo

CHIEF Chikanta of Kalomo says Parliament is not the appropriate forum on which  to press for the release of the final draft of the constitution.
Chief Chikanta instead says there is need for dialogue over the constitution.
He told journalists here that it is sad that politicians have hijacked the issue of the constitution and are exchanging words with each other when citizens are eagerly waiting for the release of the draft constitution.
“Parliament is not the best place to take the issue of the constitution. People need to sit down and talk,” he said.
Chief Chikanta has also advised Government not to be confrontational over the constitution.
He said the fact that the PF promised the people a new constitution gives everyone the right to ask.
“When you make a promise, people are bound to ask. So Government must not be jittery when people ask,” Chief Chikanta said.

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