Lightening kills five cattle in Itezhi-tezhi


Five herds of cattle have been killed after being struck by lightening in Luchena ward in chief Shezongo’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi district in central province.

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The cattle died instantly after trees they were sheltering under was struck by lightning around 13:00 hours.

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Luchena ward Councillor Boston Munamonde has told ZANIS in a telephone interview that the incidence happened around 13:00 hours and no people have died.

Mr. Munamonde said that the cattle died of electrocution from the electric current of the lightening.

“We are devastated by the incidence and up to now we cannot believe what happened” Munamonde said.

Meanwhile Mr. Munamonde said that stray elephants yesterday destroyed fields of maize in the chiefdom.

He said that efforts to drive the animals away by the villagers proved futile.

The civic leader has since appealed to the Zambia Wild Life Authority to help drive the animals away from people’s fields.


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