Be practical, tenacious, Scott urges prosecutors

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has urged prosecutors in Africa to be practical and tenacious in their work to enable them prosecute cases effectively.
Dr Scott noted that most prosecutors lacked persistence despite having the passion for their jobs.
He was speaking in Livingstone yesterday when he officially opened the third International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) Conference for the Africa-India Ocean Region.
The conference, which has attracted delegates from 21 countries in Africa, is being held under the theme ‘Getting a fair bargain for Africa and the developing world: The role of the prosecutor in combating corporate finance crime including tax evasion and environmental degradation in the extractive and other significant industries’.
Its intention is to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of experiences in order to identify the role of prosecutors in issues relating to corporate crime and environmental degradation.
“There is no shortage of passion among prosecutors but what is lacking is the kind of tenacity for the job to be done effectively,” Dr Scott said.
He said there was need for the prosecutors to be practical and ensure that their work was done accordingly.
Speaking at the same function, IAP president Gerhard Jarosch said prosecutors were capable of playing a role in ensuring that the earth’s wealth was shared fairly.
“The Prosecutor General of DPP should have visions for the future even if nobody believed in those visions.
“If you don’t believe that you can change your society, because it seems impossible, let somebody else try it,” Mr Jarosch said.
Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for Zambia, Mutembo Nchito noted that prosecutors in Africa had traditionally concentrated on prosecuting violent crimes such as murder as well as sexual offences and robbery.
Mr Nchito said with the continued problem of vast resources being taken without corresponding revenue benefits for Africa, there was an urgent need to focus on curbing such vices through robust prosecutions.
“I have no doubt in mind that through the intellectually stimulating presentations and discussions at this conference, we will identify our role in addressing various crimes such as corporate financial crime and environmental degradation,” Mr Nchito said.

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