Visits to married ex-wife lands man in trouble


A FORTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka’s Bauleni Township has landed himself in hot water for visiting his former wife who is now married to another man in the same residential area.
Kelvin Mukuni divorced Lillian Binyolo in 2000 but the woman later got married to Martin Magani in 2009 after he impregnated her.
However, the Chilenje local court heard that of late, Mukuni had frequently been visiting Binyolo at her matrimonial home, a situation that has raised suspicion of a secret affair by Magani.
Magani told the court that he impregnated Binyolo in 2005 and later decided to marry her in 2009 and the two had lived in harmony until his wife told him that her former husband had been visiting their home.
He submitted that he suspected Mukuni of having an affair with Binyolo because of his frequent visits to his house.
“My wife told me that Mukuni had been visiting her and each time he visited, he would ask her why she divorced him and decided to marry me,” he said.
Magani alleged that Mukuni had in fact admitted in one of the conversations that he had an affair with Binyolo and that the plaintiff could not know about it because he was a foolish man.
“Mukuni once admitted having an affair with my wife and told me that I was stupid, that was why I wasn’t aware of what was going on. So I want him to stop,” he said.
And in his defence, Mukuni admitted visiting Magani’s home but denied having an extra-marital affair with his former wife, saying that he had nothing to do with her.
“I have been visiting Lillian but that does not mean I have an affair with her. We divorced in 2000 and since then we have been friends,” he said.
Chilenje local court magistrate George Kaoma said there was no evidence that adultery was committed but ordered Mukuni to stop visiting Magani’s home even if Binyolo was still his friend.

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