Mulungushi Lecturers Win 12% salary increase

Mulungushi University
Mulungushi University

LECTURERS at Mulungushi University in Kabwe have been awarded 12 per cent salary increment.

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The 12 per cent follows the conclusion of protracted negotiations, which resumed this week after having stalled in January when management and the unions reached a deadlock over the earlier 10 per cent awarded to the lecturers, which was ultimately rejected.

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Copperbelt University Academic Union (CBUAU), which is one of the unions representing Mulungushi University academic staff, said the collective bargaining team had finally concluded negotiations and agreed on 12 per cent salary increment.

CBUAU president Mwiya Songolo said in a statement in Kitwe yesterday that the unions agreed for the 12 per cent salary increment in the interest of harmony at the university.

“The demand for our members was 20 per cent across the board which was going to be slightly close to the 21 per cent that was awarded to the principal officers at Mulungushi University.

“We have really been at pains to convince the members of our decision as a union to accept the 12 per cent but we did this in the interest of the university,” Mr Songolo said.

He said the signing of the collective agreement was expected to take place next week.

Meanwhile, Mr Songolo appealed to Government to expedite the pace at which it was providing required infrastructure at Mulungushi University so that it could make profit.

He said if Mulungushi had the necessary infrastructure, the university would have been raising enough funds to meet the lecturers’ demands for higher perks.

Mr Songolo said according to the university model, the Government promised to provide infrastructure and emoluments for employees for a period of five years but that had not been done as per plan.

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