Shakespeare Mwakamui claims he has visited all the areas of Katuba


NATIONAL Revolution Party (NRP) candidate Shakespeare Mwakamui claims he has visited and campaigned all the areas, and therefore confident of winning the seat by 100 percent.
Mr Mwakamui said his campaigns are issue-based and characterised by respect for other candidates.
He is scheduled to hold a rally in Situmbeko area on Saturday where he is expecting a massive audience.
“These chaps [Jonas Shakafuswa and Cecil Holmes] have worked in that area before and they didn’t do anything. So there is no need for the people of Katuba to vote for them,” said Mr Mwakamui, ignoring his own call for issue-based and respectful campaigns.
UPND candidate Jonas Shakafuswa claims he has a grip on Katuba and nothing will sway him from scooping the seat in the February 25 by-election.
Mr Shakafuswa claims that Patriotic Front candidate Moses Chilando and his campaign team, which includes campaign manager Edgar Lungu, are not a factor to him in Katuba.
Mr Shakafuswa says he and his campaign team will ensure that he scoops the seat.
And Mr Shakafuswa’s campaign manager Request Muntanga said the media is up to no good and should, therefore, stop bothering his candidate.
Meanwhile, MMD candidate for Katuba parliamentary by-election Cecil Holmes says people of Katuba are looking for a leader who is going to take development to the area and address challenges they face.
He says he has always dreamt of being a member of Parliament (MP) for Katuba and rated his chances of winning the seat as very high.
“I have just started my campaigns and as things are now, my chances are very bright. When I win, I will give the people of Katuba good leadership,” he said.
And the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has advised political parties participating in the Katuba by-election not to import cadres to Katuba to cause friction among residents.
ECZ director Priscilla Isaac says experience has shown that party cadres imported from other areas were responsible for causing confusion in areas where by-elections are held.
She said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the commission wants peaceful elections.
On the letter the MMD is said to have written to ECZ alleging that the PF was abusing public resources – including vehicles in Katuba – Ms Isaac said she had not yet received it.
“I cannot comment on that one because I haven’t received it. I haven’t seen it. I can’t depend on what you are telling me, so I will wait until I see the letter,” Ms Isaac said.
The Katuba seat fell vacant following the death of area MP Patrick Chikusu late last year.