PF dismisses relationship rumour as “baseless and malicious”


THE Patriotic Front (PF) says Lusaka district party treasurer Matilda Mutale does not share any personal relationship whatsoever with President Sata.
On its Facebook page yesterday, the ruling party said Ms Mutale has no personal connections whatsoever with the President except that she is a “bona fide member and leader of the party” at district level.
The PF says reports circulating on questionable online gossip blogs are nothing but “baseless and malicious” inspired by hate and even envy often times, especially from those that lost the 2011 polls that saw Mr Sata assume office as Zambia’s fifth President after a popular vote.
“These reports are only, and predictably so, aimed at embarrassing and discrediting the President. We also find these fabrications unfair to Ms Matilda Mutale, whose integrity deserves protection from such stories, especially from fellow women,” the PF says.
It notes that it is sad that while Zambia and other countries in the SADC region are making strides to increase the representation of women in decision-making positions, some well-known opposition elements are bent on discouraging courageous women through such malicious and defamatory fabrications.
The ruling party says the women movement in Zambia should not pay attention to such malice.
The PF urges Zambians to show respect to the head of State, and to all women, in line with the country’s cultural norms and in conformity with the spirit of patriotism.
Ms Mutale could not be reached for a comment because her mobile phone was switched off by press time.

Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Ehe! Its true nothing malicious or wateve u say. His daughter has testified that she sata’s daughter. And wats wrng wit this? You jeonlist grow up. Our president has been a womaniser. But that doesn’t mean he can’t change. He can change. Kulandafye ati nalicinja mwebantu chapwa!