Northern PF backs Veep’s call over GBM

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–The Patriotic Front (PF) in Northern province has backed the sentiments made by the Vice President Dr Guy Scott for Kasama Central suspended Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to resign from the party.


Northern province PF Executive Secretary Evarist Chella flanked by the Provincial party Vice Treasurer Chomba Chipili said the party in the province strongly backs the Vice President over Kasama Central MP to step down.


Mr Chella also said the MP is disrespecting PF by using web site and should resign on moral grounds, saying if he continues to disrespect the party, the provincial party officials will have no choice but expel him from the party.


He said Mr Mwamba should be not be cheated by those who wish to milk him of his money but follow party rules and regulations if he is to enjoy his presence in the party.


Mr Chella said PF needs peace, adding that since his (Mr Mwamba’s) resignation from government, Northern province started experiencing peace which is key in any political party.


He also stated that no single person can develop an area without the support from the government and other cooperating members.


Mr Chella has since called on all party members in PF to support the Vice President for sanity to prevail in the province.


The Northern province PF Executive Secretary further urged PF members to remain united for peace to prevail in the party.


Mr Chella has also appealed to all Members of Parliament in the province to continuously organise meetings to plan for the development of the area.