Murderer hubby sentenced to death

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—- Mansa High Court has sentenced a 38 year old man to death for brutally murdering his wife.

Before High Court Justice Mary Mulanda was John Bwanga Kalobwe a Bricklayer of Sumbu village in Chief Kalasa Lukangaba’s area who murdered his wife Getrude Mwape of Nshindi village also of the same chiefdom.

Facts of the offence were that after Bwanga was released from Mansa state Prison on 1st September, 2012, he went home and found his wife with her friends drinking alcohol at Kambili bar in Kapesha.

He was upset and started beating her with his fists.

He later grabbed her by the arm and took her away and was not seen from that time.

 The body of Getrude was only discovered naked the following day thrown in the ditch covered in a sack with her neck strangled.

Bwanga suddenly disappeared from Mansa but was later apprehended by police in Luanshya for theft.

In passing judgment, Judge Mulanda said that from the facts by the witnesses it was clear Bwanga caused the death of his wife.

And that the post mortem report showed signs of Strangulation and fracture of the spine which showed that he had intentions to kill her.

He was found guilty of murder contrary to section 200 Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia and was sentenced to death by hanging until pronounced dead.