Mulenga Sata is Lusaka boss

MULENGA Sata is the new PF Lusaka district chairperson
MULENGA Sata is the new PF Lusaka district chairperson
MULENGA Sata is the new PF Lusaka district chairperson after going through unopposed following the last-minute withdrawal of his only contender Goodson Banda.

The election of Mr Sata during yesterday’s extraordinary conference held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre amid tight security puts an end to the confusion that had rocked the PF Lusaka district leadership since last year.
“I would like to thank the people that have been with us in this difficult campaign and ultimately this is not the way I would have chosen to win this election. I wanted an actual vote.
“I won’t comment on my opponent’s decision; that is his democratic right. I would like to urge our members to remain united and focused. We have the change that we sought in Lusaka and I would ask that the same restraint that they have shown over the last few months continues,” Mr Sata said amid wild cheers from his supporters.
Mr Sata, who is also Lusaka deputy mayor and President Sata’s son, said his team is not seeking vengeance but wants peace and unity in the party.
“There is need to re-galvanise the spirit that got us into power. People have forgotten the things that we were preaching when we were campaigning for power, so this election, in a sense, has been a trial run for what is expected to come because we have elections in 2016.
“We didn’t have a campaign manager; it was a collective effort… and please as we celebrate, let’s exercise maximum restraint…” he said as celebrations ripped through the centre’s main hall.



  1. I pit mulenga to b a politician yes he will raise very fast but the falling will b disastrous and he will divide the party bcos of the favor from his father if i was him i could hve done other things