Australia To Help African Nations Develop Mining Industry

The State Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, will go to Africa next week to conclude a plan to work with African governments to bolster their mining industries.

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According to The Australian newspaper, Barnett will meet regional leaders in Zambia to sign an agreement under which West Australia’s expertise will be used to help African nations develop their mining laws, tenement systems, tax regimes and environmental and safety standards to levels similar to those in Australia.

Major Australian companies, including Rio Tinto, Paladin Energy, Perseus Mining and Sundance Resources, have investments in Africa.

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Barnett will also address the mining conferences, Mining Indaba, in Cape Town.

The newspaper said Barnett will travel to Lusaka, Zambia, next week to speak at a meeting of the Common Market for Eastern and South Africa, a trading bloc with 19 member states that includes Egypt, Kenya, Libya and Uganda.

Australian companies have invested in hundreds of resources projects in Africa, in 42 of the continent’s 54 countries.

The value of current and prospective investment in African resource projects is estimated at A$65 billion.



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  1. Quote: “…a Common Market for Eastern and South Africa,…member states…” Really?????

    Please be informed that “South Africa” is a COUNTRY, “Southern Africa” is a REGION to which South Africa belongs!

    I hope such silly mistakes are being made by Non-African/Zambian authors who think that any country south of Kenya is called South Africa.