Youths advised to be enterprising

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A youth in Mungule area of Chibombo district has urged fellow young people in the country to be enterprising and venture into income generating activities.


Emmanuel Mwanza, who runs a hardware shop in Mungule, praised the Patriotic Front (PF) government for recognizing young people and making them busy through providing them with the youth development fund, (YDF).


Mr. Mwanza said young people should not be frustrated about lack of employment but should instead utilize their potential and to meaningfully contribute to national development.


He observed that lack of jobs should not be used as an excuse for young people to engage themselves into illicit behaviours such as excessive beer drinking, drug abuse and prostitution.


He commended the PF government for creating thousands of job opportunities in key sectors of the economy such the road, tourism and manufacturing in the country.


Mr. Mwanza, who benefited from youth training and is a metal fabricator, was speaking in an interview in Chibombo district.


Government, through the Ministry of Youth and Sport, is determined to improve the livelihood of young people by giving them long life skills through training them at various youth resource centres around the country.