Stop Cohabiting – Musenge

COPPERBELT Minister Mwenya Musenge
Mwenya Musenge

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge has challenged women in the country to stop cohabiting with men before they are married as the trend brings shame to the nation.

Mr. Musenge told ZANIS in Ndola today that in Zambia and Africa in general it is immoral for a woman to cohabit with a man before they are married.
He said elders should teach young men and women traditions and cultures that will help them uphold their values in future where marriage is concerned.
He said an honourable woman cannot allow a man to sweet talk her into cohabiting before the two are married.
Mr. Musenge added that a well nurtured woman will wait for a man to ask for her hand in marriage from her parents and she will not agree to cohabit with a man.
He further said no matter how long a man takes to marry, a woman with values will wait before she can move into a man’s house as cohabiting brings shame to parents.
Mr. Musenge said only a woman without dignity would sink so low as to start cohabiting with a man who has not married her.
He said it was sad to see that Zambia was slowly losing its culture to modern cultures that were destroying young people’s lives.
Mr. Musenge said marriage was holy matrimony that is supposed to be blessed by God and the church and not to be used as a play thing.