L/stone fired nurses facing eviction


THREE quarters of the fired paramedics and nurses in Livingstone are living distressful lives as they face eviction from their rented houses.
In an interview, Robert Mwanamwalye, a paramedic who was also fired from the civil service for taking part in an illegal strike, has appealed to President Michael Sata to feel pity for them.
“We are really greatly affected as we are not born and bred in
Livingstone. Three quarters in my department (paramedic) were posted to Livingstone and we are living in rented houses but our landlords won’t listen to us anymore,” Mwanamwalye said.
He said life was so distressful that no one among the affected
health workers had been given a letter of good standing.
“We wish to apologise to President Sata, the government and the
members of the public for the inconveniences caused during the
strike,” he said.
He indicated that after the government’s decision to dismiss the
workers, they have been unable to sustain their family needs.
“We appeal to the President to exercise leniency on everyone who is affected for we have learnt a lesson,” Mwanamwalye said.
In December last year the government fired striking health workers country wide after participating in a strike that initially started at UTH which later spread to other parts of the country including Livingstone General Hospital.