Civil servants advised to explain polices before implementing them

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—-Civil Servants in Eastern Province have been urged to explain government policies to the public before implementing them.

Regional Permanent Secretary, Chileshe Mulenga, says civil servants, especially Heads of Departments, should not spend much of their time in the offices but go out in the field and talk to people about what government intends to do for them.

Dr Mulenga was speaking when he addressed a developmental meeting at Nyongo Primary School in Kasenegwa Constituency’s Mkowe ward.

He said civil servants should not just be seen in communities during the implementation of policies but should first tell the people what they do for the community.

This was after members of the public complained of lack of information on various programmes which government is implementing.

He directed departments such as Community Development, Social Welfare, Housing and Infrastructure and the Local Authority to go back to Mkowe ward and explain to people what plans government has for the people in the area.

Dr Mulenga said government was serious in terms of taking development to people especially in rural areas but was being let down by some workers who had a bad attitude towards work.

And Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone, also expressed concern over non performance among civil servants in the region.

Mr Sichone said it is sad that some government workers do not go to rural areas to explain to people on how to access services from their institutions.

Responding to questions from villagers at a meeting held at Kwenje Rural Health Centre in Kasenengwa Constituency in chief Nzamane’s area, Mr Sichone stated that there are several ways which people in the area can access funds to improve their wellbeing.

He said people did not know where and how they could access the funds because civil servants did not explain to them.

Mr Sichone stated that he will not take kindly to non performing civil servants whose attitudes also intimidate villagers who go to their offices to seek for help.

The Provincial Minister further stated that government workers should go out to help the youth and women access funds from the Youth and Women Empowerment Funds respectively from government.  

And the youth and women in the area complained of not accessing money from Departments of Social Welfare, Community Development and Youth because they did not know the procedure of accessing the funds.