24.1.2014: President Sata visits Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda

President Sata visits Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
President Sata visits Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda

Good Morning Friends,

This morning I was visited by the founding father of this nation Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda – a great statesman who has inspired me as an individual and immensely contributed to the unity, growth and development of this country. I acknowledge with deep gratitude the values that brave and determined men and women like Dr Kaunda fought and sacrificed for to make Zambia what it is today. Definitely, their selflessness and commitment to the building of this great nation will always be engraved in our hearts. May God continue to sustain them in faith and love, and their sacrifice shall never be forgotten. In the same vein, it is my prayer that the younger generation of today will emulate their passion, loyalty and selflessness in our endeavour for national progress. This country requires another generation with similar virtues and values if prosperity is to be guaranteed. We salute you KK and the founders of this nation. Long live Unity, Long Live Zambia! MCS- 24/01/14


  1. Great man to others…great indeed…if zambians were allowed to own buznes,cars,builgs,other property frm 1964,zambia shud have bn more developed than n other country in southern Africa…great man