PAZA not happy with Sata’s facebook page,insists on press conferences

Facebook all Over the World
Facebook all Over the World
The Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) says the most preferred avenue for the republican president to deal with pressing national issues remains through press conferences.

PAZA Executive Secretary Patson Phiri has told Q fm in an interview that while it is a progressive idea for President Michael Sata to open a face book page, it is not entirely true that the face book platform is better than holding a press conference which the people of Zambia have been crying for.

Mr. Phiri states that the quality of a press conference is that people are assured that they are speaking to the president directly and getting responses there and then as opposed to a face book page which can be run by anyone who may not necessarily reflect the president’s position on particular issues.

He adds that at a press conference people are also assured that issues will be dealt with in a clear manner with no doubts on who is speaking, as opposed to face book page.

Mr. Phiri further notes that less than three million Zambians are on face book while press conferences can carter for over six million people who have access to the media in the country.