Avoid tribal politics to avoid anarchy- Kambwili

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Avoid tribal politics to avoid anarchy-  Kambwili


Livingstone, January 21, 2014 ZANIS——— Government has cautioned the electorate in Livingstone to avoid tribal politics to avoid civil strife in the country.


Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has advised the electorate not to be misled by propaganda from the opposition political parties which insist on condemning efforts by government to develop the country.


“Let us not follow propaganda in this country, if we follow propaganda do you know what is going to happen? Zambia is going to be a politically unstable country. A country is prescribed as politically unstable when there is a change of government every five years.”


He said political instability was a conduit for civil war which in turn retarded development in affected countries.


Mr. Kambwili said this today when he addressed youths on government’s developmental agenda at the Livingstone Civic Centre.


The minister also challenged opposition political parties to desist from criticizing government without giving alternatives on how areas of concern could be addressed.


“The opposition political parties should take a leaf from us as when we were in opposition we criticized constructively by giving alternatives to the party in power,” he said.


He urged the youths to continue supporting the PF government under the leadership of President Michael Sata as this would ensure continuity of political stability in the country.



Earlier, Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala challenged youths to access information that had potential to empower them since government had put in place numerous programs aimed at addressing their needs.


Mr. Kambwili is in Southern Province to explain government’s developmental agenda to people to counter unsubstantiated claims by opposition political parties and some non-governmental organizations.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kambwili said government was aware that sports and recreation helped to shape the fabric of the nation as it contributed to the building of physical and mental facilities of citizens.


He said government would strive to ensure sport was more accessible and self-sustaining in order to contribute to good governance and sustainable human development of the nation.


Mr. Kambwili further said the Patriotic Front Government had increased the budgetary allocation for the construction, rehabilitation and upgrading of sports and recreation infrastructure.


 “Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sport has been implementing programs that are aimed at empowering the youth and integrating them fully in the socio-economic development of the country,” he said.


Furthermore, Mr. Kabwili dispelled assertions by some online media that the Youth Empowerment Fund is disbursed to PF cadres.


He clarified that the fund was aimed at empowering the youth with finances and capacity building through the revolving fund and grant support.