Being Kabimba’s classmate does not justify recuse for Hamaundu – Sikota

Sakwiba Sikota
Sakwiba Sikota
Opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) President Sakwiba Sikota says there is no justification for Acting Supreme Court Judge Evans Hamaundu to recuse himself from chairing the Kabimba tribunal on the basis that he was allegedly Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s classmate.

Mr. Sikota says this is because there were other many people that were in the same school and same class other than Mr. Kabimba and Justice Hamaundu.

Mr. Sikota has however told Qfm news that it will be a different issue whole together if Justice Hamaundu is a long standing family friend to Mr. Kabimba who his scheduled to be probed by a tribunal he is chairing.

The opposition leader says he is also sure that if this is the case that Justice Hamaundu is still a long standing family friend to Mr. Kabimba, he will use his conscience as to whether he should continue chairing or not the tribunal that is to probe allegations that Mr. Kabimba in his capacity as justice Minister abused his office and breached the Oath of Secrecy.

And on calls that Mr. Kabimba steps down in view of the said constituted tribunal, the ULP president who is also a practicing lawyer, has advised that it will be good to stick to precedents that have been set in the country in matters where tribunals have been constituted to probe alleged wrong doing of cabinet Ministers.

He notes that in an event that Mr. Kabimba does not step aside in view of the tribunal, his action will erode the already set precedents and there would not be any predictability of state of affairs in matters where a tribunal has set to probe a government Minister.