Social Cash Transfer introduced to Mwansabombwe


The Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health has launched the social cash transfer program in Mwansabombwe district of Luapula Province.

Presenting the program to the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC), Director of Social Welfare, Stanford Michelo, said the social cash transfer was created as a social protection intervention for the vulnerable and the poor in society

ZANIS reports that Mr Michelo said the payments will be exclusively channelled through pay points which are organized in collaboration with government institutions such as schools and health centres.

He said the grants will be paid to households regularly and timely and are a non contributory benefit to beneficiaries.

He explained that every household has the right to appoint a deputy that is authorized to collect the transfer on behalf of the household.

The objective of the social cash transfer scheme is to reduce extreme poverty, hunger and starvation with a focus on households headed by the elderly and caring for orphan and vulnerable children.