Scottish Government minister set for visit to Zambia

Scottish External affairs minister Humza Yousaf.jpg
Scottish External affairs minister Humza Yousaf.jpg

Scottish Government minister is hoping to explore ways of tackling climate change and to build cultural ties during a visit to Zambia this week.


External affairs minister Humza Yousaf will be the first from the administration to visit the east African country.

He will also travel to neighbouring Malawi, where Scotland already has strong links.

The visits are timed to coincide with the journey of the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton as it makes its 288-day circuit of member states.

“Scotland and Malawi already have a long history of collaboration, particularly in health and education, and more recently in the field of renewable energy and climate change, and we are determined to build on this and move the relationship to the next level,” he said.

“There are now opportunities for an exchange of skills, investment and trade between Scotland and Malawi.

“We very much value our growing relationship with Zambia, and I am excited to be the first Scottish Government minister to visit the country. We want to build on our links with Zambia and to work together, especially in the area of climate change.

“Scotland has a long-standing global reputation for fighting poverty which I am very proud of and I am looking forward to seeing how our work is making an impact and helping some the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world.”

Mr Yousaf will meet business people and government ministers as well as touring projects funded by the Scottish Government through its international development fund and climate justice fund.

He visits Malawi on Tuesday then Zambia next Sunday.