Registrar of Societies bans Prophet Haggai Mumba

Bishop Haggai Mumba of Rehoboth Ministries

CHIEF Registrar of Societies Kakoma Kanganja has cracked the whip and banned embattled Prophet Haggai Mumba of Rehoboth Naphtali Mkadesh in Lusaka from pastoring.
To that effect, Mr Kanganja has ordered church office-bearers to appoint another pastor to replace Prophet Haggai in leading the church according to biblical instructions.
After month-long investigations into allegations,some of which include alleged ritual sexual affairs with some church members, false prophecy, and Satanism, Mr Kanganja resolved that Prophet Haggai steps down.
This follows a petition he received from former Rehoboth church members in December last year accusing the prophet of conduct and practices which are not in conformity with biblical teaching.
But some Rehoboth members have cried foul at the registrar’s decision to ban Prophet Haggai and they have risen to his defence.
Natasha Mwamba, who has been with the church for three years, said the accusations against Haggai are unfounded.
“Those accusations are all lies. If you listen to his messages, you won’t find anything heretical. I’ve been to the prayer mountain before and have never been asked to shave or leave anything there. I’m very sad,” she lamented.
And Prophet Lawrence Mbewe, who is a pastor under Prophet Haggai, was quite emotional and at pains to say the work of God will be disturbed.
“I have worked with the prophet for some time now and all I can say is that these are but just accusations,” he said.
It is his hope that one day Prophet Haggai would be vindicated by God.
But Mr Kanganja said after carrying out an independent assessment with a cross-section of stakeholders, who included church mother-bodies, he resolved that Prophet Haggai step down from pasturing with immediate effect.
“We’ve asked Independent Church of Zambia (ICOZ), to which Rehoboth Ministries Mkadesh is affiliated, to supervise the church from time to time to ensure sound biblical doctrines are preached,” he said.
To that effect, he has ordered church office bearers to appoint another pastor who will lead the congregation.
An alternative would have been to close the church but this would have inconvenienced innocent congregants.
Prophet Haggai declined to comment on the ban.
ICOZ chairman Bishop David Masupa said some clergymen affiliate themselves to his organisation on the pretext that they will follow biblical teachings only for them to deviate.
“I’m warning all men of God who import strange teachings on the pretext of power that if they are under ICOZ, I’ll recommend that they be de-registered. They come with false prophecies and perform ritual practices, we will have them closed down,” he said.
Bishop Masupa said he is happy with the Registrar’s decision to ban Prophet Haggai.
Last December, members of Rehoboth church in Lusaka petitioned Mr Kanganja that their pastor, Prophet Haggai, was allegedly involved in whacky rituals that include the shaving of hair from all parts of the body, illicit sexual affairs and declarations of deaths of politicians.

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