Mangango MP happy on road works

prime coat concrete drain
prime coat concrete drain

A lawmaker for Mangango Constituency in Kaoma district of Western Province has applauded government for responding to calls to have the Katunda – Lukulu road repaired.

Mangango Member of Parliament, Robert Chiseke, said in an interview that he is grateful that surveyors are now in the area as it is an indication that the road works will soon begin.

Mr Chiseke, who is also Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister, says he expects transport costs to reduce once the repairs are done as commuters are currently over-charging due to the bad state of the stretch.

He said a good road in the area will also ensure the efficient delivery of goods and services to and from the area and urged those contracted to do the works to expedite the exercise.

Mr Chiseke said the Katunda – Mangongo road in Kaoma has continued to deteriorate due to the high number of trucks ferrying stones and gravel from the area.

He implored the three Chinese firms hauling gravel from Mangango Constituency to patch-up the road as a temporary measure so as to cushion the problem.

Sioma and Mangango are the two main areas in Western Province where gravel for road construction in the sandy region is obtained.


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