Storm causes havoc in Sesheke

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—Government property worthy thousands of kwacha in Sesheke district of Western province has been damaged by heavy thunder storm which was characterised with a heavy down pore.

The storm happened at around 18:00 hours for about 15 minutes after blowing away some iron sheets on one of the government buildings. 
A a watchman at the District Commissioner’s Office block told ZANIS that the storm happened all of a sudden and it was quite heavy and threatening.

Mr Sitali said that it was lucky that most of the government workers had knocked off as the iron sheets that came out of the building would have claimed people’s lives as they flew all over.

The heavy storm could not spare Sesheke main market building as part of the roof and stands were also blown off.


Meanwhile, Sesheke District Metrological Officer, Antony Wakumelo, told ZANIS in an interview that the heavy blow was due to a drifting thunder storm that developed across the Zambezi River at the Namibian side through Sesheke.

“Sesheke district received heavy rains in the month of December, putting a lot of moisture in the ground suddenly followed by hot temperatures received and this courses convection
type of clouds with large vertical extent of turbulence within,” Mr Wakumelo said.

He further said the district may be experiencing a dry spell through the weekend and things may change by next week and since the ground is still having a lot of moisture, convectional type of clouds may still occur.