Govt goes high-breed cattle multiplication in Southern Province


Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, has delivered high-breed cattle for multiplication programme in Southern province aimed at increasing and improving cattle breed.

Southern Province Livestock Production Officer, Wakung’uma Muliyunda Mukumbuta, said the pure Brahaman breed will be sold to farmers after Cabinet approves the modalities of disposing of cattle once the programme is fully fledged.

Mr Mukumbuta told the National Agricultural Information Services in Sinazongwe that the cattle multiplication programme is carried out at Kanchindu Goat Multiplication Centre.

He stated that government procured 52 high-breed cattle in which 50 are female and two are bulls.

Mr Mukumbuta clarified that the high-breed cattle will be sold to farmers aimed at improving the local breeds which he described as having lower weight compared to the pure breeds.

He noted that the pure high-breed cattle weigh more than 500 kg when fully matured while the local breeds weigh 300 kg.

Mr Mukumbuta further noted that the good attributes of high-breed cattle also include fast maturing consequently commencing production early.

He explained that the oxen from pure breeds have more strength to be used for cultivating large portions of land subsequently resulting in increased crop production and productivity among small scale farmers.

And Sinazongwe District Agricultural Coordinator, Pachelly Maambo, noted that his office will consider starting the breeding programme for the cattle multiplication using artificial insemination.

Mr Maambo told the steering committee meeting chaired by Principal Fisheries Officer, Sydney Maboshe, that tendering for infrastructural construction that include houses at the breeding centre has been completed by the provincial Permanent Secretary’s office.