Angry residents set ablaze 10 vehicles in Garden House

handover ceremony of ten fire engines
handover ceremony of ten fire engines
About ten vehicles are reported to have been set ablaze at Chams Bakery in Garden house area in Lusaka by angry residents.

The action by the residents follows a demolition exercise conducted by the Police in the early hours of today on illegal structure in the area.

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An eye witness has told Trevor Mwiinde has told QFM News that the angry residents who were chanting PF slogans vented their anger on the Bakery destroying bakery equipment and setting on fire the vehicles parked at the bakery.

The incident happened this morning between 06:00 hours and 10:00 hours.

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Efforts to get a comment from the Police Spokesperson proved futile.

In another development property worth thousands of Kwacha has been destroyed after an inferno engulfed a three bed roomed house in Lusaka’s Chawama Township.

The fire is believed to have been sparked by a candle lit by a child.

A QFM News crew that rush to the scene found Firefighters putting off the fire with dozens of onlookers.

The Police officer who rents the house and his wife were both not at home when the incident happened as they only left the child at home.

And a fire attendant spoken to described as unfortunate that parents have continued to carelessly leave their homes to children without any guidance.

He also wonders why and how the child lit up the candle during day time when the house is fully connected to electricity.


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