200 Isoka grade one applicants left out

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200 Isoka grade one applicants left out

Isoka, January 16, 2014, ZANIS…. About 200 grade one applicants for the 2014
enrolment at Chiwanda  primary school  in Isoka district of Muchinga province have
been left out.

 Isoka District Education Board Secretary Kelby Chizyuka has confirmed the
development to ZANIS in Chinsali today.

Mrs Chizyuka  explained that  the population of children aged seven years was high
in Isoka compared to the available class room spaces in most schools in the area.

She noted that at Chiwanda  primary school alone  about  475  grade
one  applicants showed up  but the institution could only manage to absorb 275 children,

a number she described as an over enrolment.

Mrs Chizyuaka is now appealing to stakeholders in the education sector including

Faith Based Organisations, business houses and the United Nations Interrnational Children’s

Education Fund to cushion the impact.

She said the district education authorities had enough teachers to teach the children but they do

not have classroom space to accommodate the 200 pupils left out of the grade one enrollment.

Mrs Chizyuka said if some well wishers including business men can offer
shelter for children to learn from it would be grateful especially that it is
now only a year to go before the deadline for achieving the United Nations Millennium Development

Goal (MDG) on universal education for all in 2015.

And speaking on behalf of the affected children , a parent Tina Nambeya said it was a
disaster for their children to be left out again this year.

Ms Nambeya told ZANIS that her child together with others have been
hit twice adding that last year their children were left out while
they were at the right age of seven with the hope of being selected to grade one this year.