Are you voting? A break down of the 2014 Zambia Music Award categories



Its that time of the year when Zambian music fans get to vote for their favorite stars in the Zambia Music Awards. The 2014 categories look tight, and there are a few changes from last year’s awards. for example, only one of the nominees qualified for the category of Best Jazz Album, and this adjudicated award will be unveiled at the Awards. Also , the nominee for Best Reggae Album 2014 will be announced on the night of the Awards, as only one nomination met the qualifying criteria.

See the voting guidelines on the Zambian Music Awards website –

Best Band 2014 shortlist is:
Amayenge Cultural Ensemble
Uncle Rex and The Band
Impact Band

Best Sound Producer against the following shortlist:
KB Killa Beats
Jerry Fingaz
Ben Blazer

following popular demand, Best Club DJ, and the nominees are:

Best Female Radio DJ are:
Lady MC Marian Chigwedere

Best Male Radio DJ nominees this year are:
KB Killa Beats
DJ Dazzle
The Black Stallion Kaliwa

Song of the Year 2014 category:
Contolola – Zone Fam
Go Mama Go – Karasa
Kumwesu – Chef 187, Pilato and Afunika

Best New Artist – and the 2014 nominees are:
Alphonso aka Muzo
Cleo Ice Queen

Best Choral Album, and the shortlist for public vote is:
Namutekenya – Mt. Sinai
Ukwisa Kwanfumu – Great St. Agnes Choir
Icalo Canjimina – New Paradise Church Choir of John Laing

Best Collaboration award is:
Kumwesu – Chef 187, Pilato and Afunika
No more love – Macky 2 and K’million
Cry of a woman – Bflow and Judy

Best Kalindula Album:
Anthu Ndiwo – James Chamanyazi
Wahisa Nganda – Kapalu Lizambo
Mwana Nabutema – Tusole Band

Best Dancehall Album 2014 gives us a shortlist of:
Voiceless Woman – Bflow
90 Days – Tsean
Titan Revolution – Karasa


Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album 2014 – and the shortlist is:
The Business – Slap Dee
Zero to Hero – Macky 2
The Naked Truth – Ruff Kaida

Best RnB Album is:
My Name Is… – Roberto
The Break Through “Imbeketi” – P’Jay
Worship of the Love Revolutionary – Abel Chungu Musuka

Best Mainstream Female Artist are:

Best Mainstream Male Artist is:
Macky 2
Slap Dee

Best Gospel Male Artist shortlist is:
Abel Chungu Musuka
Papa Bruno

Best Gospel Female Artist :
Racheal Nanyangwe

Best Mainstream Album :
Cimusebo – Afunika
The Business – Slap Dee
Voiceless Woman – Bflow

Best Gospel Album 2014:
Heart of a Giant – Sobre
Worship of the Love Revolutionary – Abel Chungu Musuka
Jijue – Magg44

Best Song Writer are:
Chali “Bravo” Mulalami

One of the new categories in this year’s Awards is the Best Niyatu (Zed Beats) Album to encourage some creation and development of new and authentic music genres unique to Zambia. The album to be awarded should have unique, creative and original Zambian musical works, beats/style – and the nominees for this category are:
Folo Folo Me – OC
Cimusebo – Afunika
Just Stupid – Pilato

Best Tradtional/Indigenous Instrumentalist nominees, who are:
Eunice Kumwenda – M’tyangala
William Vunda – Ngoma Pwita
Rodrick Mungala – Namalwa

Best Drummer 2014 is also adjudicated and the shortlist is:
Eston Mwape
Charlie Chax
Mutamula Mwale

Best Keyboard Player :
Kevin Siyandi
Blessingtone Malenga
Cosmas Zani

The Best Bass Guitarist shortlist is:
Jerry Fingaz – Jericoh Banda
Seba – Sebastian Mutale
Sheba – Sheba Chintu

Best Lead Guitarist :
Uncle Rex
Sir Jones
George M’lauzi

Best Sound Engineer:
Ringman – Sound Wave
Brian Michelo – Mission Press
Kashempa Chingaipe – Snaika Sounds

Best Live Recording Album are:
Born In Matero – Sakala Brothers
Ndeyobela – Papa Bruno
Vested in Love – Marsha Moyo

Best Indigenous Music Album (adjudicated):
Chimpankhu – Chadiza Nyau Group
Mphakati – Chief Mpezeni Cultural Group
Mangwengwe – Mafinga Mapenenga

Best Traditional Music Album, and the nominees are:
Mwana Nabutema – Tusole Band
Mokambo – Mumba Yachi
Hano Hamavu – Noel Zuze