Brutalized MP contemplates suing Police

Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere
Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere

Chikankata Member of Parliament Munji Habeenzu has threatened to take legal action against Police officers who brutalized yesterday during the fracas at Woodlands Police station.

Mr. Habeenzu has told Qfm News that though he is feeling much better today, a medical report he obtained from the University Teaching Hospital indicates that he sustained internal injuries on his left hand and in the head.

Mr. Habeenzu says he is very bitter with Police officers who beat him up without giving him any reason.

The lawmaker adds that the Doctor has advised him to take some rest and continue with his medication.

Mr. Habeenzu was mistakenly beaten up by Police yesterday when they tried to control the UPND cadres who had accompanied their leader Hakainde Hichilema for questioning at Woodlands Police station.