Mubukwanu gives government assurance on improved medical services

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–North-Western province Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu says government will remain committed in ensuring that people are provided with necessary improved medical services.

Mr Mubukwanu said government is concerned with the challenges health institutions are facing such as the high outstanding water bills, human resource deficit and many others.

The minister said this when he toured Solwezi General Hospital yesterday.

He said there is need to engage North-Western Water Supply and Sanitation Company and see the way forward to address outstanding water bill since the health institution has limited financial capacity.

He further said there is need to increase the storage capacity for the two boreholes at the hospital that should act as alternative supply of water so that the institution is assured of water all the time.

Mr Mubukwanu however, advised the hospital management to monitor the usage of water to avoid wastage from leakages which lead to huge water bills.

The minister was disappointed to find water running from an attended tap in the mortuary, saying such wastages were contributing to unnecessary water bills.

Mr Mubukwanu also expressed displeasure to find roles of wire mesh stored in the kitchen where food for patients is being prepared.

He said it is unacceptable to keep such materials in a sensitive place such as a kitchen.

Meanwhile, Mr Mubukwanu has directed that the contactor contracted to fix the newly acquired laundry equipment should be called back to finish the work.

He said government cannot spend money acquiring equipment that is not put to intended use yet there are other sectors that need the same money.