Church seeks deeper working relations with government

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A Lusaka based clergyman has called on government to enhance its working relations with the church in order to foster unity in the country.

Presence of God Ministries International Senior Pastor, Christopher Kunda said peace and unity can only prevail in the country when government and the church work together.

Apostle Kunda, who was speaking in Lusaka last evening during the commemoration of the church’s 16th anniversary, said the church has a responsibility of offering guidance to politicians.

He said politicians, especially those in government, should listen to the church because it represents God’s voice on earth.

Apostle Kunda has meanwhile urged the church in the country to pray for the President and his Cabinet as they endeavour to resolve some challenges facing Zambia.

He cited the rising poverty levels and the high price of mealie meal in the country as some of the areas that require government’s attention.

Apostle Kunda said the church must also pray for politicians to continue promoting love and unity in the country.