Govt’s late delivery of inputs will have adverse impact next year- Buumba

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—- Opposition  United Party for National Development (UPND) Southern Province Vice Chairperson LIoyed Buumba says that government’s failure to deliver farming inputs on time will have adverse effects on the next harvest.


Mr. Buumba  says the delays will bring about food insecurity because some farmers have not yet received the farming inputs.


ZANIS reports that the opposition leader said this in an interview in Mazabuka District today.



Mr. Buumba who is also Mazabuka Mayor recalled that agriculture minister Bob Sichinga earlier assured that all farmers will have farming inputs by November 30 but the situation  on the ground now is contrally as some farmers have not yet received their fertilizer.


The (UPND) Southern Province Vice Chairperson alleged that the country risks experiencing food shortages this year if farming inputs are not delivered on time.


Buumba says that hunger is a serious problem that should not be politicized saying that when he called for the early distribution of farming inputs he was rebuked by Agriculture minister Bob Sichinga.