From ghetto to Gospel: MKV is born again



As one of Zambia’s contemporary musicians, MKV made a name for himself with the hit songs Msizani and Chikondi Chamumadizi, but since giving his life to Christ,the singer has turned a new leaf and now goes by the name of Manase.

Mubanga Paul Kaluba and popularly known by his former name MKV, now goes by the name Manase, is a changed man. I had to wait for close to two hours for this interview to start because he was locked up in a weekly prayer meeting which runs from 09 to 13 hours every Thursday at his studio, SUNNET, in Olympia.

Manase renounced his former name in 2012 when he gave his life back to Christ after a ‘deep experience with God’. “It took me a year to choose a name”, he says. “I had stopped existing as MKV, I had died. Everything about me had to change. Whatever I was, had to change. Including the man”.

One fateful day, Manase encountered God as he was being prayed for by some pastors. “Demons manifested to the point that I ended up hospitalized and on a respirator for 3 days”. When he woke up he started to think deeply about church. One day he visited Love and Mercy Ministries at Intercontinental Hotel and here he gave his life back to Christ.

Married for six years to his long time girlfriend of thirteen years, and father of three, Manase says that his new focus is to win over souls to the kingdom of God. “Nothing will ever make me turn away from the love of God”.

In December 2011 marked the birth of SUNNET Studios. A studio owned by Manase and fully dedicated to producing gospel music, SUNNET is resident to over 10 artists such as Manase, Heaven’s Call (a girl group composed of Mel B, Trina, Lisa and Ruth) and Maynard, to name but a few.

Currently playing on various radio stations are the titles Ni Tamanda by Manase, You are by Maynard and Niza Kondwela by Heaven’s Call.

SUNNET have put together a compilation of all their artists to showcase their talent. This will be a mixture of the different styles and genres of gospel that can be produced at the studio.

“We are bringing something different to the industry so people should just listen out for our music”.

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  1. frm ghetto to gospel does’t mean dat 1 es born again.if dat z nt ze case then WELCOME TO THE FAMILY