Fisheries Department impounds trucks carrying over of 1,000 kg of fish

Basket finishing sites at the Chiwokwe Rivers (District of Monze, KAFUE)
Basket finishing sites at the Chiwokwe Rivers (District of Monze, KAFUE)

HE Fisheries Department in Kafue has impounded two trucks carrying a total of 1,094 kg of fish belonging to traders who had altered permits.
The fish was impounded at the Kafue bridge check point.
District fisheries officer Alice Ngalande said that the trucks were impounded between 01: 00 hours and 02:30hours.
The first truck was carrying 294 kg of dry fish from Chimwakila area of Kafue district.
The second truck was carrying 800 kg of fresh fish from Monze.The owners of the fresh fish had permits from another trader.
When the fresh fish traders noticed that the fisheries officer at Kafue bridge checkpoint was suspicious of their papers, they ran away leaving their merchandise with the driver they had hired.
Mrs. Ngalande has bemoaned the use of altered certificates by fraudulent traders and urged police officers at checkpoints to scrutine the permits thoroughly.
And Kafue District Commissioner Grace Ngulube said there was need to reinforce the patrols by the department to curb illegal fishing in Kafue .

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