Shamenda cautions on Minimum wage

minimum wage
Labour and Social Security Minister, Fackson Shamenda, has cautioned employers reported to have failed to implement the minimum wage to do so or face the wrath of the law.

Mr. Shamenda says the minimum wage was arrived at after a wide consultation thereby sending a warning of prosecution against erring employers.

He says it is imperative for employers who are failing to implement the Minimum Wage to adjust salaries for their employees to avoid getting in trouble thereby noting that there days are numbered.

Meanwhile the Minister has called on employers having difficulties to approach government to help them so that they can operate profitably.

The Minister notes that employers having difficulties should therefore show and provide evidence that what they are paying their employees is what they can afford.

Mr. Shamenda has since noted that government is ready to help employers having difficulties as long as they provide evidence that is proportional to the profits they are making so that government can help increase the productivity levels.


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