ZULAWU accuses govt of tactics over council salaries

Zambia United Local Authority Workers Union (ZULAWU) President, Misheck Nyambosa,says the delay by the union to elect a new executive should not be used as an excuse by government not to increase the salaries for division four council workers.

Mr. Nyambosa has told QFM News that it is unfortunate that government is coming up with unnecessary excuses not to increase the salaries of local authority workers across the country.

Mr. Nyambosa adds that government has failed to pay council workers their salaries for two months now wondering how government expects the workers to survive.

He says the union has already put its house with a new executive ushered into office and expects government to respond to calls to increase salaries for division four council workers.

Mr. Nyambosa says the union has engaged government to ensure that they find a lasting solution to the problems the council workers are facing in the country.

Government had earlier said council workers across the country will not receive new salaries and conditions of service this month-end.

This is because the government has not yet exhausted negotiations with unions representing workers under local authorities.