The truth about Katele’s conviction

Katele Kalumba

By “The Political Analyst” 

Both the Magistrate court Judge and High court Judges said basically the same thing – 1. that from 1997 – 1998 there were overpayments made to 2 American security companies. 2. That Katel received 4000 pounds in 2000 from Zamtrop account and did not retire receipts to show how he had used it. 3.  Kindly investigate further these two issues carefully without fear or favour.

You will find that the Minster of Finance in 1997 -1998 was Edith Nawakwi and not Katele Kalumba. Katele was Minister of Tourism and then Home affairs in those years. You can verify this easily. How did he then facilitate payments from a Ministry he was not in charge of from 1997 – 1998? Following this, How could receiving 4000 Pounds in 2000 from Zamtrop be described as a corrupt reward for allowing these overpayments? Where is the connection? There is none. How many Government officials have been locked up for not retiring Imprest? I doubt that you will find any in Zambia. If they don’t bring receipts,
the monies are always deducted from their salary or terminal benefits.
If you have sincerely followed this argument and proved it right, how then can Katele be convicted? What is the real reason for convicting him? I have my own theory. We have in this country a group of power hungry people who are quietly running the country. I will call them Al Shabab. These people have taken control of the media, the Ministry of Information, State House Press Affairs and the Judiciary. They are concerned about acquiring more wealth and hiding it whilst hoodwinking the public with all manner of media hype. And if you get in their way or are a perceived threat, they take you to court and lock you up.
They are waging an anti Bemba campaign for leadership after Sata’s reign. They need someone they can control, preferably someone with enough skeletons in his closet that they can blackmail them into silence and allow them to plunder the country’s wealth. The 3 Judges who stood up against them have a tribunal, Zambeef is attacked because they want to cut the source of HH funds (HH biggest supplier to Zambeef), maybe they want to open their own meat processing plant from ill gotten money. They have diplomatic passports and have been externalsing huge sums of money to Cuba and elsewhere. Al Shabab are a
recipe for disaster. Investigate this seriously.