The Fugitive Mailoni Brothers have been killed

mailoni brothers
mailoni brothers

The notorious Mailoni brothers who have been terrorizing residents of Luano Valley in Mkushi District have been shot dead by Zambia army soldiers.

The trio was cornered between Chief Chembe and Chinika areas in Luano valley by Zambia Army soldiers who had been operating in the area at 15:00 hours yesterday.


Police Deputy Spokesperson Charity Chanda disclosed to to ZANIS in a statement that the deceased have positively been identified as Elias Tunda Mailoni aged 27, Mika Mailoni aged 35, and Stephen Mailoni aged 31.


Ms. Chanda revealed that the bodies of the deceased were identified by village Headman Ngosa Chibale whom they once attacked, and two of their childhood friends.


She said the bodies of the deceased are currently lying in Kabwe General Hospital mortuary awaiting identification by their mother.


Ms. Chanda thanked Luano residents for the cooperation they rendered to law enforcement officers during the period the trio were on the run.




FLASHBACK : GBM ready to pay Witchdoctors to catch Mailoni brothers : October 3, 2012

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has said that he is ready to use his personal money to engage a witchdoctor who will apprehend the illusive Mailoni brothers.

The Mailoni brothers have been on the run over the last six years after allegedly killing a number of people in the Luano valley.

All efforts by the security and defence wing to catch the serial killers have proved unsuccessful and recently a traditional leader in the area appealed to Government to consider hiring witchdoctors to help find the killer brothers.

And in an interview, Mr. Mwamba who is commonly known as GBM said that he was ready to personally fund the activities of the witchdoctor who is willing to help catch the Mailoni brothers.

“Government wants to use all avenues to bring to book Mailoni brothers and am willing to use my own resources and if it means hiring witchdoctors, am ready to pay,” Mr. Mwamba said.

“I want the people of Luano Valley to live in peace, am calling upon any witchdoctor who has the ability to catch these killers to come forward and see me,” he said.