AG’s report shows financial irregularities at ERB

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The latest Auditor General’s report has revealed that amounts totally over K311 million old currency were paid as talk allowances to Energy Regulation Board (ERB) members of staff who were not entitled to this privilege during the period June 2010 to November 2011.

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The audit report, which was released in Lusaka yesterday, revealed that this was contrary to the conditions of service to which the said members of staff were employed under.

The report also disclosed that amounts totaling over K59 million old currency were paid for the settlement of mobile phone bills for the Executive Director during the period running from August 2010 to December 2011.

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An entitlement of mobile phone on post-paid billing was included in the conditions of service for the Executive Director although there was no limit on the amount to be incurred in any given period.

And the Audit Report further revealed that amounts totaling to over K2.4 billion old currency involving 118 transactions were inadequately supported in that they lacked relevant documents such as receipts, acquittal sheets and other relevant documentation contrary to financial regulation number 45 and 52.

The report also disclosed that imprest amounting to over K48 million old currency issued to three officers at ERB had not been retired as of September 2012 contrary to financial regulations number 96.

It also revealed that contrary to the ERB Finance and Administration Manual, the regulation board delayed in the collection of licence fees for periods ranging from 30 to over 120 days.

Clause 1-A-1 (c) of the ERB Finance and Administration Manual states that licence fees must be received by the 21st day of the month in respect of the previous month.

And contrary to the financial regulations numbers 45 and 52, there were three payments in amounts totaling to over K3.2 billion in the old Kwacha and amounts totaling US$21, 839, 240 in the dollar account which were inadequately supported because they lacked supporting documents such as receipts, good received notes and invoices.

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