ZNS pledges continued support for community works

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ZNS pledges continued support for community works

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Mkushi, June 15, ZANIS —–The Zambia National Service (ZNS) Command at Luanshimba ZNS camp in Mkushi district has pledged continued support for community works as activities for commemorating Zambia Defence Force Day.


Lunanshimba ZNS Commander Mutandalika Chonga said this when he led ZNS officers to conduct some community service works at Mkushi District Hospital.


Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Chonga told ZANIS that the Command at Luanshimba had opted to incorporate the aspect of social responsibility as the major activity to commemorate the June 13th Defence Force Day.


He said that in view of this, officers had conducted sanitation related activities such as cleaning the surroundings of the hospital.


He said that apart from cleaning the District Hospital, officers had also conducted similar activities at Donata School for Disabled Children, saying that other works at this school included painting the school buildings.


Lt Col Chonga explained that in the past years, the command at Luanshimba ZNS commemorated this day with In-House activities such as sports contests against the other Mkushi based Musakamba ZNS Camp.


He said that the hospital and Donata school were targeted for community works because ZNS Luanshimba took into recognition the compassionate works that these two institutions rendered to residents.


He also said that during the works at the hospital, the command had donated Baby clothes to mothers of newly born babies at the hopsital’s Maternity Ward.

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Lt Col Chonga further added that donations of education facilities such as Books, Pens and Pencils were also given to management of Donata school. 


He said that ZNS officers also administered some motivational talk to the physically challenged children at the school with the view to inspire them into believing in themselves.


And speaking on behalf of Mkushi district hospital, Friday Kaunga commended ZNS for the gesture, saying there was need for other organizations to emulate this action.


Dr Kaunga described the ZNS move as timely and welcome as the hospital was facing challenges in maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings as the institution had no outdoor workers.     


He said that cleanliness of the premises was fundamental to any health institution and that the ZNS activity had set the tone for addressing the long standing challenge pertaining to clean surroundings.


Dr Kaunga also praised the ZNS for pledging to conduct cleaning activities as an activity to mark the annually held Zambia Defence Force Day.


ZNS Luanshimba officers received more acclaims from Donata school management whose Coordinator Donata Kalunga observed that the cleanup and donation gestures were in tandem with service to the nation.


Mrs Kalunga said that the actions applied by the ZNS officers were honourable as they were in line with the objectives of improving the plight of vulnerable persons.


She said that her school was catering for the education of disabled children as well as Orphaned Vulnerable Children (OVCs).


Mrs Kalunga also noted that the cleaning and painting of the school premises as well as the donation of educational materials would go a long way in helping the operations of this school.


Zambia Defence Force Day, which falls on June 13th is observed annually by Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force (ZAF), as well as Zambia National Service.


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