2)–Subsidies did not benefit the poor-DC

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Subsidies did not benefit the poor-DC

Senanga, June 14, 2013, ZANIS…Senanga district commissioner Yumei Mihupulo says the rural population benefitted very little from subsidies on fuel and maize.


Speaking when he sensitized teachers at Senanga High School on the removal of subsidies yesterday, Mr Mihupulo said the poor state of infrastructure in rural areas of Zambia is testimony that subsidies did little to help the poor.


“Subsidies have been there for a long time, but people in the rural areas have not benefitted. Some areas in rural areas are still hard to reach due to bad roads, teachers have no accommodation, the infrastructure is poor, so how have we benefitted?”,  he asked.


Mr Mihupulo who likened subsidies to a bitter pill that heals despite its taste said rural areas in Zambia can only be developed from money government will save after the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel.


He said the PF government is pro poor and cannot implement a policy that will bring suffering on the people of Zambia adding that the benefits of the decision to remove subsidies will soon be felt by the poor people.


“This (removal of subsidies) is not meant to punish people no, it is like a bitter pill that you have to swallow but at the end of the day it brings healing,” he said.


Mr Mihupulo urged teachers to support government as it endeavors to develop rural parts of the country.


He called on teachers to help government by explaining what removal of subsidies meant for the country so that pupils do not fall prey to be used to rise against government.


Mr Mihupulo said he wanted teachers to understand the implications of the removal of subsidies on the economic and social sectors of the country before they can transfer the knowledge to pupils.