Government urges to investigate Constitution making Executive group

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Government urges to investigate Constitution making Executive group

Lusaka, June 12, ZANIS —–The Social Action for Development (SAD) Executive Secretary, John Mwendapole has called on the Auditor General to investigate the budget overruns by the technical committee on the constitution which may be an indicator of misuse of funds.

Mr Mwendapole has noted that the budget investigation must be carried out with zeal to seal any financial leakages or loop holes.

He told ZANIS in a telephone that the perpetual extension of deadlines and budget overruns are an indication of poor management and leadership.

Mr Mwendapole said his organization supports government’s decision through the Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba not to allow the extension.

He also noted that the continued request for extension periods is a clear indication that the committee does not see the agency and importance of a new constitution being demanded by the Zambian people.

“We agree that their demand for an extension is outrageous as the committee has been responsible for planning and execution of the drafting process hence the perpetual extension must not be entertained,” he said.

Mr Mwendapole also said that the technical committee has on several occasions assured the Zambians that their work would be completed by June this year.

“We recommend government having given the autonomy to the committee and it is unfortunate that they have chosen to abuse the trust of government and that of the Zambian people,” said Mr Mwendapole.

Yesterday, government rejected a proposal by the constitution making process to extend the period by six months.

The committee has since been ordered to stick to the June 30, 2013 deadline.

Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba said the proposed extension to December 30, this year would have required an additional budget of 44 million Kwacha rebased in addition to the already spent 100 million Kwacha rebased.