Kalabo women urged to form clubs to access empowerment fund

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Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate has urged women in Mbunde community to form clubs so that they can access government empowerment funds.


Mrs. Mate said government has committed itself to empowering women in rural areas hence the need for them to form clubs.


She explained that it was easier to provide funds through clubs than through individuals.

She said women clubs were cardinal because they helped in the empowerment and easing the plight of the womenfolk in the country.


Mrs. Mate has since implored women to take advantage of the loan facilities which government has initiated through the Ministry of Gender and Child Development.


And UPND Kalabo Central Member of Parliament Chinga Miyutu has advised the youth to initiate viable business ideas and apply for the youth development fund.


Mr. Miyutu explained that the youth empowerment fund was aimed at empowering young people with capital to run their own business.


He said unemployment among young people will only be reduced if youths access their development funds.