DC calls for peace in Chilyabufu chiefdom

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-Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner Roy Nang’alelwa has advised people of Banamwaze in Itezhi Tezhi district to avoid succession wrangles which he described as retrogressive and costly.

Mr Nang’alelwa gave the advice to Chilyabufu chiefdom residents shortly after paying a courtesy call on the newly installed Chief Chilyabufu of the Ila people of Itezhi Tezhi district.

He said that the successful selection and installation of the new chief by the traditional electoral college of the Ila people should be supported by all the subjects, adding that all should uphold peace and remain royal to the newly installed chief.

“Succession wrangles bring about costly legal battles and retards development of chiefdoms and they should be avoided at all costs,” Mr Nang’alelwa said.

The District Commissioner said that he was not happy that some disgruntled elements have been going to his office and accusing the Council Secretary of having manipulated papers to favour the new chief.

Mr Nang’alewla said that the Council Secretary and the Traditional Affairs Officer in the district merely witnessed the ceremony and forwarded the minutes of the electoral college called Mukwashi to Lusaka as per tradition.

He said that government has no role in the succession process of chiefs apart from indorsing the choice of the traditional authorities in the chiefdoms.

“Some people who are not happy about the new chief have been coming to my office to complain that Council Secretary manipulated papers to have the new chief installed but this is not true because government officers merely witnessed the ceremony and collected minutes which were later forwarded to Lusaka,” Mr Nang’alelwa explained.

He said those who are not happy about the selection of the chief have legal ways of resolving the disputes and they should never incite people to rise against the new chief.

He said that even the attempted act of tearing down minutes from the traditional electoral college by the disgruntled group is a criminal offence.

He also directed the police to ensure that people who are holding the flag and the date stamp for the chief are brought to book.

Mr Nang’alewla also urged Itezhi Tezhi police to be vigil and respond quickly should there be any violence reported from the chiefdom.

And Headman Shang’aza said that he was worried about the security of the new chief following a group of disgruntled people who have been hurling insults at the headmen and the chief.

He said that some chiefs’ retainers have not reported to the new chief and the chief has been without security.

Headman Shang’aza further said that he felt that it was not in order for Retainers to take sides with disgruntled people and fail to report to the new chief because they were civil servants who are on government payroll and should serve any chief who has been duly chosen and installed by traditional authorities in the chiefdom.