Griffin labels Nelson Mandela a “murdering old terrorist”

BRITISH National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin

BRITISH National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin has sparked outrage after describing Nelson Mandela as a “murdering old terrorist”.

The MEP also described South Africa as “safe economic powerhouse” before Mandela became president in 1994.

Griffin’s statements on social-networking site Twitter also made reference to recent attack on mosques and other Muslim buildings, saying: “Remember that at least some Islamic building blazes will be insurance jobs.”

The comments come as Mandela, 94, continues to receive treatment in a South African hospital for a lung infection.

The full tweets read: “Saint #nelsonmandela on last legs it seems. Make sure to avoid BBC when the murdering old terrorist croaks. It’ll be nauseating.

“Statesmen’ must be judged on results not rhetoric. Before Mandela, South Africa was safe economic powerhouse. Now crime ridden basket case.

“No surprise #Mandela’s lungs are shot – all those burning tyres. Smoking necklaces very bad for the health.


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