Explain subsidy removals-PS tells workers

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Explain subsidy removal-PS tells workers


Chipata, June 10, 2013, ZANIS…Eastern province permanent secretary

Bert Mushala has advised civil servants to explain the removal of

subsidies on fuel and maize to people in the province.


Speaking during a provincial monthly meeting Mr Mushala said there was

need to make people understand the importance and benefits of the

removal of subsidies.


He explained that the subsidies previously benefitted  big business

entities such as the millers and the mines and not the poor who were

in need of them.


Mr Mushala said that though the subsidies were intended to benefit the poor

such incentives however did not trickle down to the poor.

Mr Mushala explained that the millers maintained high prices even

after being subsidized adding that most people in the province did not

buy mealie meal as they depended on grinding mills.


He stated that with the removal of subsidies, resources could be

diverted to needy sectors such as education and health.


The permanent secretary also observed that the Farmer Input Support

Programme (FISP) was intended to help small scale farmers for only three years

after which they should be able to support themselves.


Mr Mushala noted that it was sad that the farmers who were supposed to

graduate from the programme had continued to receive the subsidies

even after the three years had expired.


Mr Mushala also stated that civil servants who were not intended to

benefit from the programme accessed the inputs under the FISP.


“It is for this reason that government decided to remove the

subsidies, the move will see development in infrastructure, schools,

health and other critical areas that can help enhance development in

the country,” he said.